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      La réalité altérée de la beauté d'un monde reconfiguré.

      « Welcome to the altered realities of Post Natural History. Reconfigure the living and merge it with the non-living. Create uncanny species as beautiful as the chance encounter of sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table. Reprogram and transform organic matter to fulfill your most exotic wishes, fears and hopes.

      Discover the Silver Peacock designed with an exoskeleton and set with diamonds, the remote control Scorpio able to perform surgical operations, the domestic replicant sparrow-drone that looks after you, the Unbreakable Heart, first advanced organ made of gold and built to live for eternity or the skeletons of the Flesh Flowers, vestiges of tissue engineering techniques.

      Your memory works both ways in these archives from the future, as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland explains: backwards and forwards. A world where you can remember things before they happen.»

      Relié, Dimensions: 27,9x35,6 cm, 

      112 pages, Couverture en Cialux

      Langue: Anglais

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