by Vincent FOURNIER


    by Mathieu CESAR


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NOEVE Paris & RIZZOLI New York are honoured to present the Book: SPACE UTOPIA by Vincent FOURNIER.

A unique collection by the Photographer featuring 10 years of work allowing to see behind the doors of the most emblematic and secret space centers around the world.

The Author tells the story of the space exploration, from the Apollo and Sputnik programs to the future mission to Mars, with his own futuristic and humoristic aesthetic.

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Inspired by the anechoic chamber used in space facilities to simulate the silence of space, the Anechoic box is a genuine artwork. This monolith, a both tribal and technologic totem, is edited in 150 copies only.

3D printing, SLS Process, Engraved with unique number

Includes: Cover exclusive to the Collector Edition, a numbered print handsigned by Vincent FOURNIER and a certificate of the Anechoic box


Vincent Fournier is a French fine art photographer exploring significant stories of utopias: the great adventure of space,  the futuristic architectures, artificial intelligence.

His images play with oppositions between documentary and fiction, past and future, science and magic, intimacy and universality, logic and the absurd. Having grown up with the idea of “the end of history” and living in the eternal present, he uses images to question our past and future utopias. What are our expectations for the future, and has the future already happened?

His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York (MET), the MORI Art Museum (Tokyo), the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Dragonfly (Massignac), the MAST Foundation or the LVMH contemporary Art collection among others.

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In just a few years, Mathieu César has established his modern yet timeless vision of photography and spread his wings to directing. With a mix of precision and a light touch he draws a black and white universe playing with shades of grey, flat areas of deep black and subtle blurs.

This self-taught talent, primarily doing portraits, describes himself as a curious people's person: "I love having the chance to meet so many interesting people. Just imagine that my job has allowed me to meet the first man on the moon – and to get him into his original space suit!"

Mathieu quickly seduced the most prestigious magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Another Magazine, CR Fashion Book, Vogue, Egoïste…), photographed several contemporary legends (Iggy Pop, Daft Punk, Buzz Aldrin…).

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Welcome to the altered realities of Post Natural History. Reconfigure the living and merge it with the non-living. Create uncanny species as beautiful as the chance encounter of sewing machine and anumbrella on an operating table. Reprogram and transform organic matter to fulfill your most exotic wishes, fears and hopes.

Discover the Silver Peakock designed with an exoskeleton and set with diamonds, the remote control Scorpio able to perform surgical operations, the domestic replicant sparrow-drone that looks after you, the Unbreakable Heart, first advanced organ made of gold and built to live for eternity or the sk eletons of the Flesh Flowers, vestiges of tissue engineering techniques.
Your memory works both ways in these archives from the future, as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland explains: backwards and forwards. A world where you can remember things before they happen.

As seen in

Vernissages - Exhibitions - Autograph Sessions

Lille Centre d'Art Sacré

Final day of the Vincent Fournier’s exhibition at the Centre d'Art Sacré at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille.

Cathédrale ND-de-la-Treille « Crypte Moderne», Place Gilleson, 59800 Lille

Galerie Perpitch & Bringand

Save the date ! Grand opening of the Vincent Fournier’s new exhibition and art book signing on September 20th !

7 Rue Paul-Louis Courier, 75007 Paris

Official Space Utopia release date

Stay tuned!

Many events to come in order to celebrate the release of this new art book!

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