With "BKK", Yan Morvan allows you to delve into the world of Bangkok in the 1980s, where he spent five months. The photographer relates what this city is really about and its atmosphere through photographs and text that he produced on site. He reveals the atmosphere of the city at that very moment. In "BKK" we see a certain perspective develop, that of a young photographer who is plunged into a world that can quickly suffocate you and make you lose yourself.

With no misery, voyeurism, or sensationalism, this book is a unique and hypnotic account, a social and political fresco and a kind of x-ray of Southeast Asia, exposing the background of its industrial society.

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YAN MORVAN BKK - Standard Edition
YAN MORVAN BKK - Collector Edition A
YAN MORVAN BKK - Collector Edition B