François Darmigny has covered international news and major sporting events, as well as the wars in Lebanon and Afghanistan. He became an independent photographer in the mid-90s, as he felt the need to explore a new photographic universe more in connection with his own conception of what the image should represent. He decided to no longer let things happen to him, but to generate the actions, preferring to fill the frame himself.

His universe captures and immortalizes emotions, personalities, attitudes and characters by giving them an artistic dimension and a soul. His philosophy is to put people in the center of the image. From the moment he took his first photographs at the age of 12, during a basketball game, François Darmigny has not spent more than a day without taking photographs. The images never leave his thoughts and he doesn’t miss any opportunity to snap a photograph.

He uses in general a focal length of 50 millimeters. For him, life is a huge studio with endless resources. Even if he sometimes takes color photographs, François Darmigny prefers black and white images in order to capture people moving, their charm, their emotions or their spontaneity, and always tires to show them as natural as possible. He is also one of the last photographers to use view cameras.